Smart wake-up app “Sleep Cycle'' review that wakes you up when you sleep lightly!

I'm not good at getting up in the morning. I have trouble waking up when I wake up. I want to wake up even after a short sleep. Recommended application for those whoSleep Cycle: Smart alarm alarm clockWill be introduced!

It analyzes sleep and wakes you up when your sleep is light.

Many of you know that sleep has REM sleep [light sleep] and non-REM sleep [deep sleep], and the stage changes periodically.
But you don't know because you're sleeping in your sleep cycle or when you wake up, right?
"Sleep Cycle" is an application that analyzes the sleep pattern and stage of the user and wakes up when sleep is light [REM sleep].

Try using "Sleep Cycle"…

First of all, let us know your impressions using this app.

If you tell the result firstGood appI think!

  • I can wake up in the morning
  • Being able to wake up has lengthened my activity time
  • Irregular life rhythm improved

That is the impression.
I think it's going to change a little because the living environment varies from person to person, but I myself work at home, and I haven't decided the time to get up until now,
I think that the awareness of using the app is great regarding the fact that the activity time is long and the improvement of life rhythm.

There are also disadvantages…

As I mentioned earlier, it is a good app, but there are some drawbacks.

  • There is a lot of English
  • There are many paid items

That is the point.

There are many impressions like this in the reviews on the App Store, but I think that's exactly what you said. I thought that I used a lot of English to use it.
Specifically, as shown in the image, it is the part of sleep assistance after setting the wake-up time,
The items available in Japanese are limited.
When I turn on English, the features of the English version come out, but I can't read English in the first place, so I'm touching the atmosphere!

Regarding paid items, I can not honestly master it here.
So I think you should try using the free version first.
The functions that can be used in the free version will be described later, so please refer to it!

What functions can be used in the free version?

  • Analysis and recording of sleep by original technology
  • Detailed sleep stats and daily sleep cycle records
  • Carefully selected alarm melodies
  • Customizable wake-up time [up to 90 minutes can be set]

AppStore Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Alarm Clock Than

I feel that this is enough for the free version, but if you want to use the features of the paid version as well after using it, I think that you should pay registration at that time.

What features does the paid version have?

  • Long-term sleep trend analysis
  • Comparison of world statistical data with your sleep time data
  • Snoring analysis
  • Online backup of sleep track data [save to cloud]
  • Export sleep track data to Excel etc.

:AppStore Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Alarm Clock Than

It is like this.

Anyway, since it is a multifunctional application, the paid version is

  • Those who are not satisfied with the free version features
  • Those who can master the application

I think it is recommended.


I think that the people who have read up to this point are wondering, "What's the point in the end?"Good appis.

However, I think the free version is enough unless you have a paid version that wants to use this feature.
Or, if you can master the application while using it in the free version, it is worth considering.

The above image is the sleep data on the first day, but these places are in Japanese so you can see it without any discomfort.
It is basically Japanese to set sleep time and see such data, so you can use it without any anxiety because you can handle it without problems.

The App Store's rating is also 4.5 stars, so I think that many people are satisfied with that.

It's not an exaggeration to say that morning time affects the day, so why not try the free version once?

Sleep Cycle: Smart alarm alarm clock ・A sales agency: Sleep Cycle AB
・DL price at the time of publication: Free
・Category: Healthcare/Fitness
・Capacity: 241.7 MB
・Version: 6.8.1
*Capacity is maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© 2018 Sleep Cycle AB


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