Smart Wellness Housing Promotion Project, MLIT Housing Review revised system to be easy to use, briefings held nationwide

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Housing Bureau's Safe Living Promotion Division has set out an outline of the main business of the Smart Wellness Housing Promotion Project in 2020 and started a nationwide briefing on the 12th.

“ Safety Net Housing Renovation Project, '' which supports housing maintenance for people who need to secure housing, and “ A living environment improvement model that supports the 100-year life, supporting the development of housing that can accommodate diverse generations in response to local issues He explained that the “business” has been gradually becoming easier to use, and that the requirements for the “home improvement business for the elderly with services” have been tightened.

In particular, the company is focusing on expanding the number of safety net homes. The budget for each project is included in the ¥ 25 billion booked as a promotion project for smart wellness housing.

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