SMBC Nikko Securities, Week 4 day introduction to the 2020 spring from the sideline also, the lifting of the ban

SMBC Nikko Securities 2020 from the spring Week 4 days / Week・3 day system was introduced,at the same time on the sideline than to be decriminalised. 16, the Shimizu Yoshihiko President the press and revealed in an interview. Nursing care prevention of turnover and skill development to the support of excellent employees in order to ensure the major companies is unusual.

【Here】Microsoft Japan,A Week 3 days in productivity of about 4 percent

Week 4-day target is over the age of 40 permanent employees, in the 40s and 50s is the purpose of Nursing is limited to. Base salary to 60% of the payment. Also Week 3-day system and 30 years of age full time in the 30s, care and for child care. Base salary is 80% of the. Moonlighting is permitted for the time being,sole proprietorship, or freelance only.

The company is quickly from”work and childcare support work-life balance””work-life balance support”to power last year, 4 months, employee and Family”Health Management”to the Declaration. The 6 month”career-life balance book”to all employees to distribute, promote awareness rising at the time of the leave system for such initiatives to further advance this aim.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare”in 2019, the working conditions, a comprehensive investigation”,”according to some of the 2 holidays a week”companies over which the proportion of 82. 1%,”2 days off each week”is 44. 3%. In contrast, the”2 days off each week and holiday the number of system”is 7. 7%. Week 4-day data is not clear,this item is the proportion of 2016 Year 5. 8%from 17 years to 6. 0% 18 years 6. 9%, and 19 years 7. 7% and steadily increasing.

Major companies of Week 3 day system is, Yahoo, the ring,Sagawa, Yamato,IBM Japan, such as the implementation and this is increasing. Week 4-day system is still a few companies, such as, the spring of”working to reform related laws, the enforcement of the”as received gradually, spread only from which. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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