SME business confidence since the Great East Japan earthquake, the severe situation in the JFC survey

Japan Finance Corporation 2020 and 2 on Small Business Expectations Survey,sales and profit trends as the center,the Great East Japan earthquake occurred in 2011 since severe level got.

【Here】1 month of business confidence,4 consecutive months in deterioration in overseas trends, and a mild winter in the Teikoku Databank survey

■The right shoulder and down sales trends index

2 on May 27, The Japan Finance Corporation for 2 month’s SME business climate survey announced. 2 on sales of DI [trend index]-14.9 in,1 month-13. 8 from 1. 1 point deterioration in 2018, more economic downturns, the trend has continued. To go back in time and,after the Great East Japan Earthquake and 2011 in 5 month-17.5 a further 12 years 9 months-17. 0 to 3 the low numbers. For the next 3 months of sales prospects DI-16. 7 in 1 month from the next if it was.

■Profit trends in the index since the quake numbers

2 on benefit of the amount of DI-14.8 in the 1 month-12. 6 from 2. 2-point deterioration,2 months in a row worse. Looking back,this is also after the Great East Japan Earthquake and 2011 in 5 month-16. 1 to 2 second low the numbers were. On the other hand, profitable companies percentage from loss-making enterprises percentage minus the number 28. 1, and 1 month of 28. 0 from 0. 1 point increase and a slightly improving.

■Selling price decline, the stock price is rising

Price DI-2.2, the 1 on of-1. 4 from 0. 8 point deterioration was. Most recently, 19 in the second half in the Eurozone has continued for 19 years 12 on to 0. 4 and slightly surfaced. But 20 years from 1 month and again 2 months in a row in the Eurozone is sinking in. Or purchase price of the DI is 10. 9, the 1 on of 10. 1 from 0. 8-point improvement. The most recent is 19 years 5 months 5. 7 in the bottom of the upward trend has continued.

■Production facilities and manpower in excess

Employees from the lack of excessive pulling or employees DI is 0. 9, the 1 of March 8. From 5 to 7. 6 points worse. 18 in the second half of the downward trend is continuing, and looking back 15 years 7 months 1. 4 below,14 years and 7 months of 0. 8 is a low number.

Also the production is provided from lack of excess to pull the production equipment decision DI-7.6, the 1 on of-4. From 0 to 3. 6 points worse. This is after 18 years and a half from the downtrend and 16 years 8 months-8.6 to about low numbers as well.

■Funding the most severe followed by a number

Funding of the”margin”from”cramped”to pull funding DI 4. At 0, 1 month of 5. 1 from 1. 1 point worse. Other DI most are not demanding the numbers have continued to. However, the financial institutions lending attitude of”relaxed”from”strict”pull your financial institutions lending attitude DI is 41. At 0, 1 month of 40. 1 from 0. 9 points increase and improve. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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