SME business confidence,5 consecutive deterioration in the new Corona and the consumption tax hike

The organization for small & medium enterprises and Regional Innovation 2020 and 1-3 month period of the SME business climate survey results announced,the new corona virus and the consumption tax increase, such as by the impact of the overall performance is worse that from the business conditions DI [Trend Index] for 5 consecutive minus width is expanded when.

■Business conditions DI for 5 consecutive minus width is expanded

27, the organization for small & medium enterprises and Regional Innovation 2020 and 1-3 month period of the SME business climate survey announced. This is the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Chamber of Commerce,Small Business Associations of instructors such as Interview Survey was performed of the target number of Companies 1 million 8,930 companies from among valid responses number of Companies 1 million 8,260 companies of minute data.

2020 Year 1-3 year all-industry business conditions DI [Trend Index], from the previous fiscal year 3. 3 points of the decline-to 24.4%, 5 consecutive deteriorated. Or manufacturing the same 5. 0 points of the decline-27. 4 is a decrease of 7 consecutive,non-manufacturing is the same 2. 9 points of the decline-23.5 in,4 consecutive minus width is expanded.

■The manufacturing sector are transport equipment, only plus

Manufacturing industry, the transport equipment, only year 9. 6 point increase-22.7 improved, the other 13 industries are all deteriorated. Especially in the textile industry is the 9. 1 point of the decline-33.2, wood・wood products are the same 8. 6 points of the decline-28.9, pulp・paper and paper product the 14. 7 points of the decline-17.4, ceramic, stone & clay products the 8. 2 points of the decline-28.3 greatly deteriorated.

■The non-manufacturing sector is retail only

As well as the non-manufacturing sector is retail only Year 1. 2 points of the rise-31.9 and improvement of the construction industry is the 2. 8 points of the decline-8.3,wholesale the 5. 8 points of the decline-28.5, the service sector is the 5. 2 points of the decline-22.5,the other 3 categories all worsened. Especially in the service sector of the lodging industry is the same-15.2 points of the decline-39.6, versus the business service industry [transportation and warehousing]is the same 16. 6 points of the decline-30.8 and worse width was greater.

■Nagasaki as a big improvement

Regional in all provinces from the previous period deteriorated, state・regionally, Ibaraki, Japan[business conditions DI:-23.4 YoY:0.7 point increase, the same below], Tochigi[-24.4, 0.8 point rise], Chiba, Japan[-22.7, 1.2 point increase],Kanagawa[-17.4,1.4 points higher],Toyama[-25.4,1.1 point increase],Ishikawa[-18.9, 0.3 points higher], Fukui[-22.0,0.7 point increase] Tottori, [-16.6,1.1 point increase],Okayama[-18.3, 3.1 points higher],Saga [-33.9, 2.5 points higher], Nagasaki[-22.9, 12.9 point increase], Kagoshima[-16.5,1.1 points higher]in the previous fiscal year from improving.

On the other hand, the Northern・Okhotsk[-22.0,14.0 points decline], Miyagi[-30.8,10.2 points decline],Shiga[-32.0,-11.1 points decline],Wakayama [-31.2, 10.7 point fall]in the minus width is large.

■Some financial strong companies

Of the companies surveyed comments some have posted. Stand out of the new corona virus of the impact of performance deterioration indicating the voice, from manufacturing to retail in the entire passing away. Or labor shortages related to the consumption tax hike revenue from the deterioration of your opinions in the eyes…. well…. On the other hand,5G, migration and the Chinese order of minutes transfer by increased orders[machinery,Nagano], a functional mask of the increased demand by increasing sales[retail, Okayama] and in part from the strong companies they for. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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