Smiley Kikuchi talks to SNS

Smiley Kikuchi [48], a talented person who has been slandered on the Internet, flirts himself with a legal action by provoking himself for the purpose of a settlement money over the slandering slander on SNS, which is a social problem. "The law isn't so sweet," he said to a user of the department.

Kikuchi updated Twitter on the 13th. He said he would "need legal action if he/she was unilaterally slandered on the Internet," and said, "Recently, I see people who provoke themselves and warn that they will take legal action if they get back." Pointed out some users who are trying to get rid of slander.

"But the law is not that sweet," he said. "Anyone who slanders anonymously is fundamentally cowardly. It is rare to respond to a settlement or a claim for compensation. Should it be stopped for financial purposes?" he advised.

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