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Boasts the strongest nutritional balance of high protein, low sugar, low fat and low calorieconvenience storeof"Salad chicken". I think many people use it as a nutritional supplement during dieting and after muscle training. However, salad chicken is so dry that it's hard to eat.

So this time,actuallyLawson·seven·FamilyI ate Salad Chicken and compared which Salad Chicken is the easiest to eat!Price and nutrition will also be compared, so please refer to it!

Compare Lawson Seven Famima's salad chicken!

The following 3 products will be compared this time. First of allPrice per gramLet's check.

・Lawson|Domestic Salad Chicken Plain 115g|238 yen (tax included)
・Seven|Salad chicken plain with 0 g sugar 110 g|213 yen (tax included)
・Famima|Awajishima Alga salt domestic chicken salad 110g|258 yen (tax included)

Seven was the cheapest per gram! I found that there is a difference of 45 yen compared with the highest Famima. If you eat it every day, there will be a big difference, soIf you want to save money, it is correct to choose Sevenis.

continue,Nutritional balanceLet's check. In addition, all "nutrition value per 100g" is listed.

Lawson: Protein 19.8g, Carbohydrate 2.1g, Lipid 2.5g, 111kcal
Seven: Protein 24.1g, carbohydrate 0g (*), lipid 1.2-2.5g, 114kcal (* 0.5g less than 100g is described as 0g)
FamilyMate: Protein 23g, Carbohydrate 0.2g, Lipid 2.0g, 111kcal

The one with the best nutritional balance was Seven, which contained 0 g of sugar and had the highest protein content! EspeciallyIf you have sugar restrictions, you should definitely choose SevenWill!

However, although it is said that the sugar is 0 g, it is actually described as less than 0.5 g per 100 g as 0 g. There is no problem because it is based on the food labeling standard, but those who are worried should be careful.

For those who want to adjust the amount of sugar in 0.1g increments, Famima, which clearly describes 0.2g of sugar, may be good. However, since the nutritional information of Famima is also stated as "the indicated value is a guideline", it seems difficult to adjust the sugar in 0.1 g increments anyway.

▼ Lawson ▼

▼ Seven ▼


Next, we will compare the ease of eating and taste that you are interested in!

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