So Takei appeals to the internet slander "No longer play"

Talent Takei [46] of the talent appealed to the current state of the Internet where the writings that slander and attack others have become normal, "If there are people who suffer and die, it is no longer a play on the Internet!"

Takei updated Twitter on the 11th. “Why is harassment at work or school considered a problem and disposed of, but it is a natural air to insult, slander, or persistently attack an acquaintance or stranger on the net? "Why should you suddenly be screaming or beaten by people in the city? If there are people who suffer and die, it's no longer play on the net!"

Next, he pointed out, “Only 'live voice' is not real”. "You should soon realize that rants on the 'Net' are more violent than the real voice and are full of bad faith, more powerful than reality. This is 'bullying' and 'abuse'. Is the most ugly action that changes the form and place of residence and hurts people's hearts.

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