Soft disaster / hardware debate on water disaster, River Subcommittee of the Company's Institutional Review establishes a subcommittee on climate change, joins committee members, mentions standards and regulations for housing

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Social Capital Development Council River Subcommittee is the first of the “ Water Disaster Countermeasures Review Subcommittee Based on Climate Change '' (Chairperson: Toshio Koike Director, International Center for Water Disaster Risk Management) A meeting was held to discuss soft measures such as information dissemination including housing purchases and infrastructure development in response to an increase in rainfall and drastic water disasters.

At the meeting, opinions also reached on regulations and standards related to housing construction.

The subcommittee was consulted by the Social Capital Development Council on October 18 when Kazuyoshi Akabane met with the Minister for Social Affairs on flood control. As the typhoon No. 19 suffers from serious damage, the plan is to implement countermeasures that should be addressed immediately as social concerns about the impact on water disasters increase.

In December, a study group will be set up to deepen discussions about dikes, dams, and town development. As a subcommittee, we aim to organize the summer of 20 years.

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