Softbank evaluates "moving screen contact" of new graduate recruitment with AI–reduction of selection time by 70%

SoftBank announced on May 25 that it will introduce an AI system jointly developed with Exa Wizards from the end of May in the evaluation of moving screen contact in recruiting new graduates. It is said that it aims to evaluate applicants with a more objective and unified axis.

The company abolished group discussions and group interviews that were conducted after selection of entry sheets for general employees in January, with the aim of reducing the time and cost required for applicants to move to the selection venue. It had been changed to the moving screen contact that was introduced in the selection process for internship participants.

Explain that the dynamic screen contact does not make contact with the applicant face-to-face, and as a result, it helps ensure the safety of applicants and employees under the influence of the new coronavirus infection. For interviews after the video interview, the online meeting system will be used from March 2, and the applicant and the interviewer will be able to communicate with each other from a remote location. This format will continue for the time being.

The AI ​​system that decided to introduce it automatically learns the video data submitted by the internship selection and the evaluation by the experienced recruiter in the video analysis model of Exa Wizards, and automatically evaluates the newly submitted video. What is calculated by.

For videos that are judged to meet the acceptance criteria by the AI ​​system, the following selections are made as passed, and for those videos that are judged to be unacceptable, the personnel manager checks the videos. It is said that the accuracy of the selection will be ensured by making a final decision on the success or failure of the video interview.

According to the company, it is expected that the introduction of an AI system will reduce the time it takes to select moving screens by approximately 70%. In addition, the time created by the introduction of the AI ​​system will be used for new efforts to promote matching with applicants, such as expanding work experience-based internships and approaching human resources with the required skills.

SoftBank has been using the AI ​​"IBM Watson" since May 2017, and as a result, it said that it has reduced the time required for entry sheet selection by about 75%.

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