Softbank G, 19 years 4~12 months fiscal year is 130 billion yen of the operating loss of the Fund business, the impact

■3Q net profit compared with the same period last year 69% reduction
Softbank Group (Softbank G) (9984)is 12 days over after 20 years and 3 months 3rd quarter cumulative(19 years 4 months~12 month period,IFRS standards) consolidated financial statements was announced. Sales compared with the same period last year 1. 1% to 7 trillion 898 billion, operating income of 130 billion yen deficit in the same period last year (1 trillion 8,590 billion yen profit),profit before tax is the same 25. 7%, a decrease of 1 trillion 3,454 billion, the final profit is the same 69. 0% to 4,766 billion yen.

【Here】Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and hell (5) Saudi-based Fund is,again, the SVF invested in you?

U.S. venture businesses”WeWork”investment in the topic and in the company’s centerpiece business, there was also a Softbank・Vision・Fund Management doldrums again,Fund business 3Q in 7,978 billion deficit recorded. Investment company flash for Softbank G is a major blow to suffer the result.

■Fund business is distressed and also the domestic mobile business were strong
Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO 肝煎 of Softbank・Vision・Fund is, the greater the attention, the investment of Uber and Slack, and WeWork is the doldrums for. Especially WeWork and Softbank G more talent to radical management to reform you.

On the other hand, in Japan, the mobile business of Softbank’s earnings continue to be strong in 20 years, 3 months ended 3Q sales compared with the same period last year 4. 7%, an increase of 3 trillion 6,180 billion yen, and operating income up 9. 0% to 7,951 billion, Net Profit of the 3. 1% increase of the 4,366 billion yen and good earnings were. The Fund business is the loss of domestic business to cover looking became.

■Activity by the management to mention
12 days of earnings announcements in grandchildren the President is”tough after the winter spring will come. Situation has changed,”he said. The fact that on the 11th,a subsidiary of U.S. mobile company Sprint, the industry of T-Mobile US merger with the New York Federal District Court admitted the news that was reported.

The merger by Sprint and Softbank G consolidated from the outside, Sprint has about 4 trillion yen of interest-bearing debt,Softbank G closing by the outside points of the financial terms of improvement in positive news.

Also, the Vision Fund, the previous quarter, compared with a deficit to reduce the width not the”situation has changed”that caused that. Investment companies as the Steer was soon stumped, I had a Softbank G of the investment business, but this time, based on what we learned from the scale than performance or investment style to change course as the pattern.

Most recently, in a case in which an investment firm Elliott Management is the Softbank G of stock holdings increase, and the number of shares outstanding of the 3% owned by the major shareholder was.

Softbank G management for share buybacks and to strengthen governance about the mention to heighten the value of the company as appealing as it seems, the investment company of a large amount of buyers and the share price slump Softbank G-share investment opportunities and judge you would say that. Major shareholder of the company, top grandchildren the President is this aspect of how to survive note. (Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at)

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