Softbank G and a grandson of the Chairman of heaven and hell (7) ”shareholder value”to believe in heaven?

Softbank G(SBG)is the unicorn investment in the good grounds of the iconic example, Alibaba shares represented by the huge built-in gains only. Masayoshi Son Chairman himself”Softbank G the maximum of the measure”and that shareholder value(stock portfolio value net interest-bearing debt minus value), 2 on 12 October last year to 9 as of the end of compared to 5 trillion yen 25 trillion yen said.

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19 years of the 2nd quarter at work resulting from the huge losses came to light, the market a big upset, but was not seen of this huge unrealized gain in saying that it would be good.

Unicorn IPO(shares of the new listing)facing, when the shares to hold more of the founder and the biggest concern you have brought up a company is to society what value is there to admit them.

Social assessment of the number of shares×share price=enterprise value and clarity to the numbers represented. What kind of person was greater than the evaluated and expected would be of course. The IPO of the managing company and, as the Secretary of the Compensation Commission of the procurement amounts to a fee rate that is calculated for the stock is higher than is desirable.

Listed companies and listed companies on both stock price to raise an implied power of the work. Handsomely the good of the investors involved in the IPO to reach and market conditions, apart from the enterprise value the value of the with not, and,puzzled voice come out.

After the listing of prevailing prices is opening and not match illustrations there is no shortage. Business realities from the divergence of such a high enterprise value to the evaluated field work (IPO itself was postponed), and Uber is another good example.

SBG is evaluated in determining the exact internal process and the calculation result believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to check that the mechanism is also claimed to be a system that is expected to work is entirely different, however.

SBG, the acquired shares will rise in value when investment means no success. Higher stock prices can trade in,and the company had held shares to the amount of unrealized gains is born, where the market speculation of a difference there is room for growth.

Grandchildren the President said at a news conference the famous phrase”no longer I accounting of sales and net profit and from the perspective to put the management not. Shareholder value to the maximum measure and that”there is. Individual shareholders to take of have and word.

”Shareholder value”and if,somehow reassuring as the feeling is understandable, when you think about it,”shareholder value(stock portfolio value net interest-bearing debt minus value),”against the consensus in the world in Japan does not exist.

Grandchildren Chairman of the rare managers that in theory, the magnification, not the original logic around bamboozle how to talk to par or has like. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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