Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and Hell (1) the climax of the press conference and the blackout of the symptom

“Arrogance, (and)that the Heike is a long time from one”with epigram, Japanese to its own weight and act to encourage the teaching was. Past tense, as is,already dead by know,and the author of the thoughts to work.

【Here】Softbank G, 19 year 4~9 month period to 155 billion yen operating loss investment business in huge loss

The Softbank Group(SBG)of Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO at the climax of a 5 May 9 closing the meeting was like. On the day, sun Chairman and CEO is 19 years 3 Months Ended Consolidated Financial Results in sales for the year increased by 5%, and operating income of the 81%increase in the first 2 trillion yen and the operating income we recorded net income of 3 consecutive years exceed 1 trillion yen was announced.

Share buyback the effects of the receiving of the last 4 months 16 days are listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange SBG is 2000 years and 3 months since 6000 yen more than that at the beginning of the year, come the highest value of 6045 the value of the yen with the momentum you had going. Softbank・Vision・Fund(SVF)for hot I said. The highest total recorded operating income of 53% of the SVF has produced benefits and weight there was also.

Grandchildren Chairman and CEO of uplift your thoughts,during the press conference”a 2020 3 month period of strong earnings, and 4 consecutive years net profit exceeded ¥ 1 trillion,”and that the fiscal year is the beginning of the financial prospects 披歴 This is also obvious. Background on the U.S. dispatching a major Uber Technologies (UBER), and the U.S. share of the office out of the IPO(new shares listed)are planned,including operating income is projected to expand for the first time, the elation was, naturally would.

The blackout of symptom is the next day, 5 November 10, as well as to public. The New York Stock Exchange IPO and listing your server’s opening is, even if conditions on the width and set it for 44~50 dollars is close to the lower limit of the 45 dollars I stopped here. Uber shares, after the decliners continued,16.3% of the shares of SBG is the listing from approximately 6 months of sale is not a”lock up clause”tied you to watch from.

The IPO just before the 820 billion dollars and expected market capitalization is expected out of the approximately 700 billion dollars, and the stock price is 30 dollars just to calm current market capitalization of 460 million dollars before and after as well.

Big unexpected disappointment turned into an Uber IPO, which occurred after the field work around a complicated look, the IPO rowing wear Uber”yet was”that’s it.

Investment funds as the increase the presence of which SBG’s biggest selling point, Sun Chairman and the President have(it is said) to”the connoisseur”the power to say no doubt. Entrepreneurial qualities to look for and which note is being evaluated, from 10 trillion yen of funds to freely operate in the current position getting.

Also, it’s not the grandchildren of the Chairman and CEO of connoisseur in the SVF has invested 88 stocks, unrealized gains recorded as 37 stocks,impairment losses on listed securities as of the 22 stocks (the remaining 29 stocks are significantly different) and from the startup stage companies and to identify how difficult it can be. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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