Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and Hell (2) beautiful co-working space and a lousy business plan

Entrepreneurs to assess the difficulty of it, the rice office share of leading website network that operates the Vienna Campanile(after Vienna and signage)about the projects. 10 years we also work charisma and lifted as Adam Newman he, with the office property to rent on,value-added network to and renovated as a sublease to a business model in rapid growth were piled.

【Previous】Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and Hell (1) the climax of the press conference and the blackout of the symptom

Is of different professions and work with tenants who are in the same open space in the workshop to share this with you. Facilities to be shared for, the expense can be reduced and convenience can be enjoyed. Shared space in the exchange, you can synergy as the exchange of information and collaboration can be expected and the PR that there is an example.

Bite of say, the capital spending from the funds will equivalent the wide. Week one is”high quality space”to sell to, and Adam Newman says is”beautiful just the community but not fulfilling and satisfying love life can be to provide community”and claim to have a great amount of expenses were thrown into the”expensive business model”was like.

This is, no matter how beautiful words can be expressed as,after all, the Office of cost on the entrepreneur who many in the space, and the balance is commensurate with the sublease(or lease) fee to be set a challenge and problem to the business model was.

Download work is 10 years since the inception of the explosion and also said that the sales growth there,and also to profit and. Performance the rapid expansion of funding to facilitate profit companies you the limelight and unhealthy state followed that time,Adam Newman Mr. and a grandson of Chairman and President of the Dating was.

Week one to just loved it grandson and President of the total investment amount,the SBG and the SVF is the sum of 103 billion dollars (about 1. 1 trillion yen)with a huge and. Also,1 note, worth 470 billion dollars (about 5 trillion yen), and evaluated for organization,from the corporate value of 20%to slightly beyond the extent of the investment and, Sun Chairman, President and CEO, was thinking whether unknown–.

Such companies listed on AIM published by the securities registration statement of the business plan, the market counted(one school), you bought. Now is solidify our management base for transition that is well-known that,in the past each year are recorded as a deficit against the market view of the most sophisticated this was.

This is the published business plan, the deficit for breaking away from the clear path indicated was not. “This is the business plan management will continue to be?” Question bulging, no wonder. (3) followed(article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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