Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and Hell (3) the unicorn behind the scenes of the forbidden path

Out of 18 FY revenue of about 18 million dollars, a net loss of approximately 16 million dollars was. IPO on the eve of the 19th-first half (1~6 months)of actual net sales of approximately $ 1.5 billion,a net loss of approximately 7 billion USD and reported. Somewhat of a loss, the percentage has decreased, but the future expenses of the high season, thinking that the market is a big disappointment.

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This shade is one of the accounting process in lease costs off can be irregular methods being used also pointed out,the published figures more than the realities of the balance of payments situation is bad doubt, the market had given. Now, as I have made the profits that can be accrued to determine whether the business model, and rated only.

Unicorn as the future was expected going of businesses,financial difficulties in the period that the actual figure for the first time came to light the moment was.

On top of that, the representatives of Adam Newman Mr. IPO is imminent at a time of their own shares held by some of the 7 billion dollars (about 750 billion yen)and sell it when the inexplicable behavior and, Newman was personally owned real estate to work in the high rent had to rent this transpired. By listing about 570 billion dollars (about 6. 2 trillion yen) are also on the assumed enterprise value, and 200 billion dollars below a 9 at the end of the 78 billion dollars (8400 billion) in value by lowering the cost to crash for.

Company representatives of the companies and transactions to which this is a very delicate thing. Adam Newman says, as representatives of the real estate market significantly exceeds the rent to the company in rent, the”conflict of interest”that are considered very high risk. Popularly the company”ripped off”and said that the shameful act, because disgust is the investor in the rapidly spread of will.

Thus,the corporate value is eroded significantly for work of the IPO is postponed, the SBG and the SVF is 7~9 month period to approximately 82 billion dollars (about 8900 billion yen・breakdown of the SBG about 5100 billion yen,a SVF of about 3800 billion yen)the loss of the system.

10 a month by SBG, the work of lending and network shares get added In,up to 95 billion dollars (approximately 1 trillion yen)is carried out with the support of the audience. Already invested a minute loss as the 8900 billion yen of losses, not only in additional investment and venture capital of”forbidden hand”while the situation coming to this.

SBG and SVF is the week to invest a total of 103 billion dollars (about 1. 1 trillion yen)on. Now and funding from the serious concerns that have arisen down from $ 10.3 billion to recover the art, not the back your funds that cost(sunk cost)and the like. The business is bankrupt and back in impossible to be determined, but management by improving the profitability to establish a Re-IPO can be challenging if recovery eyes also come out. Grandchildren Chairman and President of the”stop loss”, not to a company reconstruction as the future recovery of the path selected.

SBG and SVF of such Fund investment behavior in the success by revenue and by the failure loss expected. I also continue, and is the basic stance of going. Grandchildren Chairman, President and CEO, Assembly of ignoring the additional investment to select is 103 billion dollars as a large sum investment to be abandoned by bears size how deep of story.

Grandchildren Chairman and President investment decisions to repent, but you weren’t in the”from”and the expression had a 11 month 6 day 20 year 3 months ended interim financial results at a press conference,”this week is an exception, however, that in the coming years relief, investment and not”with the policy expressed. This bailout help have failed it is the loss of doubling leads to a”forbidden”road,walks started and admitted it’s like. (4) follow. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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