Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and Hell (4)”look bandit-like”reconstruction contractors

Management faced a crisis out work of reconstruction was entrusted, the Softbank Group(SBG)Vice Chairman of the US mobile giant sprint I had Marcelo・class level he has.

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Sprint is 13 years 7 months in SBG is 2 trillion yen acquisitions, the network is vulnerable to churn continues over 4 trillion yen of liabilities in panting situation can be improved without a large amount of investment is required next generation of telecommunications standards”5G”to the infrastructure development of the ability to is also a question mark with it.

Sprint’s CEO, was appointed Marcelo・cloud, he is the lead of Verizon Communications, No. 2 AT&T from the transfer of our fee to Half Price campaign, along with the labor and expense over the years such as 2000 billion reduction projects are also promoted.

Those efforts have borne fruit, and 18 year and 3 month period to a full year in 11 years, the final surplus to achieve just want. And years overdue was the 3-position of T-Mobile US merger also realistic and stronger as the timing of the region.

SBG grandson of the Chairman from the President”look bandits”as affectionately described Marcelo・crown, he headed out, and rent the building to the CE network architecture as a sublease(or lease) this is a major business style. Around the world in the 700 building is said to be leasing building, management, and sales are phenomenal rise had shown.
There is insufficient bottom line of profit without the.

From one to mince words, even entrepreneurs is rent to pay as the amount we want to reduce the thought that is of course so easy to raise the rents to it is not. Investment to reduce your share of the office by the entrepreneurs to attract the less attractive it.

Further upfront in your rental building, the payment of rent is a term of the contract through the mercilessly of hanging as capital investment, subjected the goods to finish in the period that the rental income will not produce.

The convenience of high property good occupancy rate seems to have raised yet, but hold convenience and the low number of listings of products for finishing of ingenuity you would need. Either already rented agreement regarding a building during the term of the rental payment is unavoidable.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs, etc. and the rental contract of the group because until now the shortest 1 month is also available to all…… Easily stated,payment is long-term fixed income swaps violently constant fluctuation can.

Marcelo・cloud, he is not the solution to lead the attention where you currently have Employees, 2 percent reduced to 21 years to turn a profit and.

General management restructuring plan is some stretch in the state will be announced. Curious to find stakeholders, anxiety can appeal to one of the methods, but it is also just a fiscal surplus reaching 2-year period required for that.

The Softbank Group・Vision Fund(SVF), and at least 2 years of work investment funds into salting to use. Meanwhile, the SVF is a Saudi-based investment funds to 6%of the deterministic yield to pay. IPO possible time with no idea that the other investment is in a peaceful transition, the SBG was the equivalent of a burden that is unavoidable to say. The transition is noteworthy that more than just. (5) following(article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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