Softbank G and Masayoshi Son, Chairman of heaven and hell (6) 3rd quarter net income recorded? Sprint merger?

Softbank G of Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO the most,around the eyes of the figure to change a lot of managers is less.

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19 years 5 months went to the earnings conference, the operating income against the same period last year compared to 81%increase by 2 trillion yen for the first time since exceeding the highest gains recorded,net income for 3 consecutive years exceed 1 trillion yen was announced. Very good at the Zenith of was to say. Uplifting desire is 20 years, 3 months ended net income also exceeded ¥ 1 trillion for 4 consecutive years, and the prospect is mouth this is also obvious.

Such a peak is,six months after 11 September made 19 year 4~9 month period of the consolidated financial statements at the press conference put an end to was. Operating income was recorded in the same period of the previous year 1 trillion 4207 billion yen from surplus reversal,155 billion to the deficit slipped from. 2nd Quarter(7~9 month) only when compared to the previous year is 7057 billion yen of operating profit for the year was against 7043 billion deficit recorded,business is booming from the opposite cliff to inverted. On, Heaven and hell.

2 on May 12 announced that 19 year 10 ~ 12 month period of consolidated net income 55.0 billion yen to stop,compared with the same period of the previous year to 92%reduction was. The previous quarter(19 years 7~9 month period) of net income is 7001 billion deficit was, considering that the improvement came not there,they(only)of the sea in the fierce waves, tossed about,like anxiety is undeniable.

A bit of light on the 11th in New York Federal court,U.S. Cellular in the 3-position of T-Mobile US and the 4th sprint of the merger, to admit the judgment showed thing.

Softbank G, sprint of the shares of 84%owned by the parent company equivalent to 4 trillion yen, which exceeds sprint’s debt burden had become. The merger is to be realized and Sprint to investment ratio is about 27%, a subsidiary deviate from the financial burden is significantly reduce.

Grandchildren Chairman of the”subsidiary debt parent company as a repayment of the obligation is not”with say, and flip and sprint ahead of you in the great anxiety felt from not kill…………..

Sprint is the merger problem in the separator to flow, but the merger issue will be prolonged by the next generation of telecommunications standards”5G”of the investment decision delay,a conflict of interest Verizon and AT&T from, the greater water your from video Your was.

If the merger is fulfilled, as the prepaid mobile business satellite TV Dish Network sale of Network Open, and low investment efficiency is obvious in rural areas, a network of early development, the price increase for 3 years frozen and merger conditions are heavy.

In addition, the merger is opposed to the New York State Attorney General ruling on the complaint, indicating the appeal, the smell of the most disturbing yet. The merger injunctive litigation participated in the 13 States of the Council any judgment on tilting, the 30 day deadline before the advent of the strategy. The conclusion to”die of pleasure”is it anxiety or wipe not. (7) following(article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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