Softbank is the”Mimamori Service” Battery and the smartphone is away from Home, Family, Safety

Softbank is 10 days,elderly people living alone, such as the safety of you can watch the”Mimamori service”to begin with announced. Watch from the side of the smartphone and consumer electronics usage,living away from family is a dedicated app through you can check the services provided, starts 12 May 19. Contract carrier any available.

【Here】The host terminal and the robot kids watch Yukai Engineering and TEPCO subsidiary experiment

“Even Service”the basic plan is the price,one mobile user per month 480 yen, otherwise the monthly fee of 980 yen [tax included]. Functionality is limited to”simple plan”if it is available for free. The basic plan is up to 2 people,Simple Plan is the 1 name of the watch is possible. Incidentally, charged to watch that side,watch that side of the service fees you need not pay.

“Mimamori service”is watched from the side of the smartphone is operated for dedicated IoT product”and even the battery”wearing the appliance is used, the application is notified, which is now solely for text messages. The pay plan is,the smartphone and Consumer Electronics is used for a certain amount of time must be watched from the side of the automatic call is originated,if there was no response the Watch-side application to detect that feature too.

Away from home, elderly parents, such as safety sensors, or introduce a security company to register or consider many people, the high cost and is time-consuming points were prone. “Mimamori service”is set the app to only for the construction of such is not necessary,easily inexpensive and available to point. Also, watch from the side as well,such as a camera set up for the resistance is less.

And”the battery”and a developed single 3 shape dry cell batteries type of IoT products. “Even batteries”home appliances to be attached to and apps, and consumer electronics usage, the system to be notified not to.

During a single 4 shape dry cell batteries mounted using the mechanism, the battery replaced if it is repeatedly available,remote control lighting, and electric toothbrush, such as a single 3 shape dry cell batteries used consumer electronics it is widely available. 19, the launch schedule is currently booking. Price 3,190 yen [excluding tax].

Softbank will provide the service to suit,19 from the date the campaign is scheduled to begin. Meet certain conditions for mobile users,”only the battery”and”the battery”that can be mounted on a sensor light for free. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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