SOFTBANK launches full-scale map development platform business in Japan–a joint venture with Mapbox

SOFTBANK and Mapbox, which provides the map development platform, are joint ventures established in March.Mapbox Japan JVThrough, will expand the Mapbox business in Japan in earnestAnnouncementdid.

Mapbox is a US company that provides a platform for developing various map information services. SoftBank has been using the investment fund SoftBank Vision Fund and has been using Mapbox for a long time.FundingWas.

According to the previous map development platform, it was difficult to flexibly meet the customer's requirements because of insufficient design and customization. The Mapbox development platform improved on this point and flexibly combined various data and layers to make it easier for customers to build their own map information service. Currently, it has more than 600 million monthly active users.

Mapbox entered the Japanese market in July 2019, but will establish Mapbox Japan JV in earnest to expand its business in Japan. Specifically, we plan to strengthen our domestic support system and offer corporate plans and pay-as-you-go plans that meet customer needs.

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