Softbank updates AQUOS R3, R2, R compact

The distribution of software updates has started for smartphones handled by SoftBank, Sharp's "AQUOS R3", "AQUOS R2" and "AQUOS R compact". Delivered sequentially to the user's terminal. In each case, the update time is approximately 20 minutes at maximum, and updating in a Wi-Fi environment is recommended.

  • AQUOS R3

  • AQUOS R2

  • AQUOS R compact

AQUOS R2 is an OS update to Android 10. The software version after the update will be "Build Number: S2002", which includes improvements in security.

AQUOS R3 updates include "Improvement of events that can cause outgoing / incoming calls to fail under specific conditions" and "Improvement of security." The updated software version is “Build Number: S1007”.

AQUOS R compact's update contents are "Improvements that can rarely unlock the screen" and "Improvement of security". The updated software version is "Build Number: S1008".

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