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Solar-chargeable Garmin GPS watch “fenix 6X Pro Dual Power” model released for Japan

Garmin, a long-established GPS device manufacturer, will launch the fenix 6X Pro Dual Power smart watch, which will be the top model of the “fenix6” series released this summer, on December 19. Tax-excluded prices range from 130,000 yen to 163,000 yen, and are sold at EC sites such as Amazon and Rakuten, as well as at home electronics mass merchandisers.

The biggest sale is to support solar charging. Approximately 24 hours of charging is possible in smartwatch mode [when exposed to light of 50,000 lux for 3 hours every day for 1 week outdoors]. Even when not using solar charging, the drive time is long, and it can be used for up to 60 hours even in GPS + optical heart rate mode.

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