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Solving the weak points of OSMO Pocket? FIMI PALM small camera with stabilizer video review-Engadget Japan

FIMI PALMThe small electric gimbal camera DJI "OSMO Pocket" that appeared at the end of 2018. It is still a popular product even after more than a year since its release. However, it was not all-purpose, but there were some inconvenient points …


A rival machine that solves such a weakness has appeared! That is "FIMI PALM Gimbal Camera".

The first thing that surprises me is the price. Chinese mail order sitePrice at GearBest is 22,359 yen[As of February 7, 2020]. In other words, about half the price of OSMO Pocket. In addition, a joystick, tripod screw and Wi-Fi are standard equipment, and the angle of view is 128 degrees, which is super wide angle!

Ah ~ this is the guy I wanted! ! ! I immediately spotted it.


The touch panel LCD on the main unit can be used for most operations, but it does not give a very crisp impression. However, if you connect to the smartphone's dedicated application "FIMI PLAY" via Wi-Fi, you can also remotely control while watching the shooting screen.


The angle of view is completely different. It's even wider than OSMO Pocket with Wycon and looks more like an action cam. When I compared the image quality, OSMO Pocket felt more beautiful. 4K shooting is also possible, but the frame rate is only 30 fps. It does not reach OSMO Pocket's 4K @ 60fps. The image quality during slow shooting is also ambiguous. [/ embed]

This time it was a pretty oblique example, but I think that if it was bright enough, it would have been a little more beautiful.


You can use the joystick to zoom up to 3x, but you couldn't operate it while recording. Moreover, the digital zoom makes the picture quality worse. If so, is it better to use OSMO Pocket and Wicon properly? I think that.


That's why this time we mainly delivered videos, but we can also automatically shoot 3×3, 4×1, and 1×4 panoramic photos.
There are many good and bad points, but it would be perfect if you could get this feature at this price.

But if I leave one of them, is it OSMO Pocket?


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