Sono Okuno “ Fun '' Kamen Rider Support Screening First Experience

On the 26th, actors Fumaya Takahashi [18] and Takeshi Okuno [19] attended a support screening event for the movie "Kamen Rider @ Reiwa @ The First Generation" [directed by Teruaki Sugihara] in Tokyo.

Takahashi starred in the TV Asahi series special effects drama "Masked Rider Zero One", and Okuno starred in the previous work "Masked Rider Zio". Theatrical version was released on the 21st, and Takahashi rejoiced, "I'm happy that the response on SNS is so great."

On this day, a "supporting screening" was held in which the audience watched the movie while freely speaking. When asked about the character they want to support, Takahashi confused and laughed at Hiden or the person he played, saying, "I'm having a hard time because I'm playing and I understand humanity …" When asked, Okuno said, "I've seen it once, but Sougo was the coolest."

At the event, we first experienced the screening with the audience. Speaking at the title call and the battle scene, Okuno was satisfied, saying, "It's fun. I want to do another 5 hours."

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