Sony, 5G compatible Zeiss lens equipped new flagship “Xperia 1 II”

Sony Mobile Communications announced on February 24, a new flagship smartphone "Xperia 1 II" (Experia One Mark Two) compatible with 5G and equipped with a ZEISS lens for the global market. It will be released in Japan in the spring of 2020. Price is undecided.

  • Xperia 1 II. The screen size is 6.5 inches, and the same aspect ratio as the conventional model "Xperia 1" adopts a 21: 9 4K HDR compatible organic EL display

  • back. The colors are purple, black, white in order from the left

New flagship smartphone of Xperia series corresponding to next-generation mobile communication system "5G". The camera function has evolved significantly, and the earphone jack has returned. The company claims to be "a 5G compatible flagship that brings together Sony technologies."

There are four cameras, three on the back and one on the front. All triple lenses on the back use lenses from the well-established German lens maker Carl Zeiss, and use T * coating (tea-star coating) to reduce reflections inside the lens to achieve clear shooting.

The rear camera consists of a 12MP super wide angle lens (corresponding to a focal length of 16mm), a 12MP telephoto (corresponding to a focal length of 70mm), a 3D iToF sensor (depth / high-speed AF sensor), and a 12MP standard (corresponding to a focal length of 24mm). ). Although Sony does not include a 3D iToF sensor and uses a triple camera, it can be said that it is actually a four camera configuration. The sensor is up to 1 / 1.7 inch, up from the maximum of 1 / 2.6-inch used in the Xperia 1. The front camera is 8MP.

  • Rear camera was centered on Xperia 1, but moved to the left on Xperia 1 II

  • Rear triple camera configuration

The camera features the world's first smartphone with AF (autofocus) / AE (autoexposure) tracking and high-speed continuous shooting up to 20 fps. Using the technology cultivated by Sony's interchangeable lens type digital single-lens camera "α", the camera can focus on and follow even fast-moving subjects and shoot continuously at up to 20 frames / sec. AF / AE calculation is 60 times / sec, and AF area coverage is about 70%.

  • AF / AE tracking enables high-speed continuous shooting at a maximum of 20 frames / sec, allowing you to aim for the best shots of fast-moving subjects

In addition, the "Eye AF" that keeps focusing on the human eyes, which was equipped with the Xperia 1, has evolved to support the eyes of animals. This makes it possible to focus on the eyes of fast-moving animals.

  • Eye AF supports people and animals. Focus quickly on the eyes of fast-moving cats

In addition, a photography function “Photography Pro” that inherits the “α” interface is newly installed. With Photography Pro, you can adjust the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, etc. of manual shooting with more flexibility and provide a full-fledged shooting experience.

For movie shooting, the "Cinematography Pro" is an advanced version of the "Cinema Pro" dedicated to cinema shooting, which was also available on the Xperia 1. With regard to the frame rate setting during recording, in addition to the conventional 24 fps / 30 fps, 25 fps / 60 fps can now be selected, and a level and touch AF have been incorporated. In addition, custom settings such as white balance can be made.

In addition, the 960fps slow shooting function that was conventionally installed for movie shooting has been omitted.

  • Cinematography Pro interface

The display is a 6.5 inch 4K HDR compatible organic EL display. The screen aspect ratio is 21: 9, which is equivalent to Xperia 1. The screen refresh rate is 60Hz, but the new image lag reduction technology has achieved "90Hz display equivalent" image display. It also has a function to adjust the color of the display from the standard light source / color temperature.

  • The display is a 6.5 inch 4K HDR organic EL display equivalent to Xperia 1. The aspect ratio is 21: 9

On the audio side, the 3.5mm earphone jack has been revived and is now mounted on the top of the unit. In addition to supporting high-resolution playback, the main unit is equipped with Dolby Atmos, a proprietary three-dimensional sound technology "360 Reality Audio", and "DSEE Ultimate" for enhancing the sound quality of compressed sound sources. The speakers are front stereo speakers. Based on gaming applications as a 5G compatible device, the support for the PlayStation 4 game controller "DUALSHOCK 4" was also inherited from Xperia 1.

The processor adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform. 8GB of memory and 128GB or 256GB of storage. 5G communication supports Sub6 and does not support millimeter wave (high frequency band). The charging interface is USB Type-C, but wireless charging based on the Qi standard is also newly added. The main specifications are as follows.

  • purple

  • black

  • white

  • Equipped with a 3.5 mm earphone jack on the top, a fingerprint sensor that also functions as a power button on the side

  • The charging interface is USB Type-C. Dual SIM compatible with nanoSIM, but exclusive with microSD card

Main specifications of Xperia 1 II

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform
  • Built-in memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB / 256GB
  • External storage: microSD (SIM slot exclusive)
  • Size: W72 × D7.9 × H166mm
  • Weight: 181g
  • Display (resolution): Approximately 6.5 inch organic EL (4K HDR)
  • Main camera: Approximately 12.2 million pixels (standard) + Approximately 12.2 million pixels (super wide angle) + Approximately 12.2 million pixels (telephoto) + iToF sensor
  • Front camera: Approx. 8 million pixels
  • Battery capacity: 4,000mAh
  • Supported SIM: nanoSIM (dual SIM compatible)
  • Biometric authentication: ○ (fingerprint authentication)
  • Dust / Waterproof: IP65 / 68
  • Charging terminal: USB Type-C, Qi (up to 11 watts)
  • Color: black, purple, white

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