Sony, business portfolio restructuring and the group management strengthening in the corona in response to the crisis

Sony 8 on 5 November,the University of Tokyo and JAXA, and the universe”impressive experience of business,”toward the creation of a joint development and technology demonstration announced that it has signed an agreement with. Satellite Sony camera system mounted on the ground, in real-time from remote, by the space of the picture to deliver the aim.

【Here】Daikin,the short-term profitability and long-term growth potential of both by the growth

Sony in 1946, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo founded as it was. In 1950 Japan’s first tape recorder,in 1955 Japan’s first transistor radio launched,the logo”SONY”as exports to the US to start. In 1958 the”Sony Corporation”to the changed name.

2020 Year 3 months ended net sales of 8 trillion 2,599 billion yen. Business another ratio, TV and audio, cameras, mobile communications and other electronics・products&solutions business is 24. 1%, hit men: power brokers and fast money inside the music business. the business is 23. 9%. The financial business 15. 8%,imaging&sensing solutions business 13. 0%,movie business 12. 3%, the music business is 10. 3%, the company adjusted the other is 0. 6%, accounting for Sony’s move to see this.

■The previous fiscal year[year 2020 3 months ended]actual

Risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from net sales of 8 trillion 2,599 billion yen [year-on-year 5. 5% decrease], operating income compared to last year 488 million yen, a decrease of 8,455 billion [+5. 5% decrease] was.

Operating income in the previous fiscal year, EMI company the equity of about 60%to get a consolidated subsidiary revaluation gains 1,16.9 billion yen was recorded in reaction to,the music is 901 billion yen. Game software sales and the previous year than the appreciation of the yen[to $ 1 110. 9 yen->108.7 yen,1 Euro 128. 5 yen->120.8 yen]by the exchange loss, etc,hit men: power brokers and fast money inside the music business. is 727 billion yen. The sharp declines in stock prices and lower interest rates, such as Sony Life,Sony Bank’s sluggish performance in the financial 319 billion yen was.

On the other hand, the imaging sensor of the significant increase in sales by imaging&sensing・solutions 917 billion yen,Spiderman as well the movie is 136 billion, mobile communications, due to strong sales in electronics・products&solutions 108 billion yen,the company adjusted the other 299 million yen was recorded, a profit increase.

■The current fiscal year[2021 Year 3 months]prospect and promotion strategy

Current fiscal year 1Q [4-6 months]actual net sales of 1 trillion 9,689 billion yen [year on year 2. 2%increase], operating income 2,to 28.4 billion yen [as of the 1. 1 percent] were.

This year is for each business line,the new corona virus infection by increasing the wide range of response to the impact,net sales of 8 trillion 3,000 million yen [year-on-year 0. 5% increase], operating income 6,200 billion yen [the same 26. 7% decrease] aim,the following strategies to promote.

●1. Business portfolio restructuring

・Content business, consumer direct services, CMOS image sensor, such as a person in the axial and business portfolio restructuring.

●2. Strengthening Group Management

・By 2020 4 on the”Sony Group Co., Ltd.”the regime established a group of Business Portfolio Development and value creation strengthen.

・Shares of 65% owned by Sony Holdings ‘ wholly owned subsidiary, the management strengthening.

●3. Business promotion measures

・In the game,next generation game consoles PS5 real game experience pursuit.

・Movies, games, TV shows, anime, and music for mutual deployment.

In the economy, the”reality””real time”in addition to the corona in response to the crisis was”remote solution”enhancement.

・AI sensing solutions,Microsoft collaboration with.

The new coronavirus of the impact corresponding to the current of the Sony’s performance trends to watch. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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