Sony is a mega supplier to aim EV”VISION-S”is commercially available without

Sony has a concept EV,”VISION-S”was announced. “Sony also enter the automotive industry it?” And commotion was, Sony is commercially available that I’m not. Camera×13 pieces, radar×17 pieces, solid type LiDAR x 3 pieces, including a total of 33 sensors were placed in the various systems with. Solid-type LiDAR, Sony has developed the new 3D or three-dimensional spatial awareness by long range・high accuracy in measuring distance enable one.

【Here】Sony’s image of the ideal shape! Prototype announced the industry abuzz! (Top)

Sony,Japan’s representative high-tech companies in the world as the name is not prestigious companies. The famous”Walkman”to the world spread. “PlayStation”is also known. Then, a new hit product may not,Korean and Chinese companies are pressed to stagnate as it was. Its cause I been making, but that is the root of the”investment”the sense of the”business model”to see your enemies]with one twice as great, do ye say? –

Just a few decades ago, yet Sony about the future of the concern is said when I started, and as the cause of the technical managers did not and cited expert but…… At that time, the global corporations have evolved as the Sony, but lose momentum as everyone predicted, you did.

Then, Management”Financial・Accounting Department”of the ex instead of the”new development”the power of losing is not concerned with who it was. However, the global managers on who to name criticism for anyone to believe or did not like.

In successful time,”such a trendy thing in the product of losing is not it?” And, I also slightly felt uneasy about. The necessities of life is not a game machine main products and the product life cycle is shorter,the UPS and downs are intense,management is not stable and the concern was from.

The other is,”globalization is delayed, from grades defective was”and that view also. However, the current Sony is a technology mainly focused around seem to have. The original business model restructuring.

I will say that it is published in the EVS”VISION-S”because,”Sony automotive manufacturing into it?” And surprise it would be.

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