Sony launches Sony Creators Gate for elementary school students

Sony announced on February 7 that it will launch the Sony Creators Gate, an activity platform that promotes the development of creators. Establish three programs for under 24, junior and senior high school students and elementary school students to support the realization of ideas.

"Sony Creators Gate"

"Sony Creators Gate"

The program will include “U24 CO-CHALLENGE 2020” for generations under the age of 24, “ENTERTAINMENT CAMP” for junior and senior high school students, and “ STEAM Studio ”.

ソ ニ ー Sony plans to provide Sony's unique know-how cultivated through many products and services, content, new businesses, and educational support activities through various approaches to support the realization of ideas.

On the same day, a total of 24 people from the 12 groups who passed the selection participated, and the “U24 CO-CHALLENGE 2020” program, which fosters ideas together with Sony employees and external advisors, has started.

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