Sony to announce! CES2020 published in”VISION-S”is

Sony,in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States it has been held that”CES 2020″, the electric car prototype,”VISION-S [vision of Jesus]”were exhibited. Sony’s image sensing technology, in addition to automotive CMOS image sensor and ToF sensor, such as several kinds of sensors to a total of 33 pieces, including placement of the cutting edge technologies come together in a safe, secure one new to impress World Car Design of the year of realization.

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VISION-S appearance, the commercially available design-conscious you can be. Then, as the starting lineup of electric vehicles and the design is similar to also stick to the would.

In particular, the 4-door sports car, with Porsche in Thailand with the Tesla Model 3 divided by 2 by adding the way to it!!!!!!!!! However, crashworthiness and aerodynamic considering the similar design fall into one of wonder would not.

And from the side view, the wheelbase is very long of the electric car, which is a characteristic of. Wheelbase to lengthen the interior space widely and it virtual male strippers is free software showing male strippers on your computer, it fit the ultra-thin battery pack developed by of cabin space possible.

The design seen in the photo, as long as the Brembo brake is mounted on the tire wheel size is a realistic size and with a commercially available eye to prototype as I can. Also, the front design of headlights will also strange design,the front bumper at the bottom is the sensor is firmly attached.

Up around the design of it was made, and the diffuser design is also commercially available being natural, for example, as illustrated in Fig.

Thus, the appearance design help look show car than actually driving to on account of the requirements includes that.

The indoor space, moving your eyes to the front driver’s seat from the passenger seat or arranged in the liquid crystal panel, and steering from the Switch console command to switch it,Sony feel layout. These are the Sony developed the entertainment field of the technology’s as you know.

The characteristic of the front and rear of the sheet layout. The front also States the same sheet using the due to have.

But one really,the rear seat legroom see photos as long as a fairly narrow feel like that. The front seat position as the position of the slide used in the rear seat of your feet is comfortable it is difficult to say good.

VISION-S is currently in the experimental vehicle and the position and meet the safety standards and design for mass production of prior to. However, this year in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and in get will do.

Still commercially available in many hardware, there is no doubt about that. However, different industries of the Sony automobile came out with the very large, would.

■VISION-S specs

Ride capacity: 4 persons [all seats reserved on a separate sheet speaker]Vehicle weight: 2,350 kg
Rated output: 200 kW x 2 [front/rear]Acceleration: 4.8 seconds 0-100km/h
Maximum speed: 240 km/h
Axle system: double wishbone suspension [front/rear]Drive system: four-wheel drive
Minimum ground clearance: 120 mm to 135 mm
Tire size: 245/40R21[front] 275/35R21 [rear] [post: Koizumi 嘉史・The article list to look at]

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