Sony’s image of the ideal shape! Prototype announced the industry abuzz! (Below)

Visual in terms of originality, the front side of the dashboard, placed on a panoramic screen only. Tesla in the driver’s seat and placed the Monitor on top of the existing cars, no idea is was felt,VISION-S of the instrument panel part is all display.

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The driving situation to verify, of course, this from the full swing to the communication environment of the 5G into the corresponding information and entertainment content is displayed on the display of the touch screen by the intuitive operation of the various operations that.

Traditional to were the door mirror,camera technology by utilizing high-resolution electronic mirror evolved,taken left and right rear of the video display at both ends of the high visibility to be displayed in.

Acoustic field in the most high presence for Sony’s own”360 Reality Audio (San my・app audio)”and call acoustic sound system, speakers, built-in seat to fully utilize three-dimensional sound field, forming the interior of the new audio experience is made possible.

My EV is activated for time spoken of the”electric vehicle if the internal combustion engine of vehicles such as huge parts is not required, from different industries of the newcomers made easy”that was.

In fact Tesla even severe birth pangs tasted, and internal combustion engine technology of the accumulation of China is at once to EV in of the hegemony tried to take another short break forced from easy and is widely known for.

Sony is a high degree of perfection prototypes had,”Sony smart”to sell is not and”official”comment on it.

“Sony is the prospect that the prototype”and read for VISION-S PROTOTYPE, a Sony product to adopt and how much of the high level of safety and comfort can be realized and declare,first-class salesman, from advanced technology and components to Automotive Manufacturers and suppliers to sell tools for those who would be better.

Of course, the future progress and depending on how”change your mind”that you may know. Machine tool production of major dealers, etc. by partnering with one service net can be acquired, if the existing automotive manufacturers exchanges and laid the footing closer to the possible think.

Around the world auto driving champion aimed at car manufacturers and suppliers,the Union and cooperation with the movement of more heat to come. In the automatic operation switching to DVD, the company itself and of fate involved in the sense of you.

Its automatic operation indispensable in the eyes of Sony and the good of the image sensor represented by the image・sensing technology. Japan’s Toyota, Nissan, of course, overseas-Benz, Audi and other automotive manufacturers and the suppliers of the components embedded in the opportunity, including the expected business chances are greater to spread. The prototype can create a strong appeal to beginning, and now to assert its presence 絶好機 and caught me.

Japan’s identity and even Sony to want to ride and the people,never the less there would be from this year Honda has such big news. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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