Sony’s image of the ideal shape! Prototype announced the industry abuzz! (Top)

Sony US Vegas in 1 month from 7 days to 10 days, held at CES,proprietary to Apple.

【Here】Sony to announce! CES2020 published in”VISION-S”is

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show with the full name of abbreviations at the International Consumer Electronics Trade Fair in 1967 as the event, the automotive EV has been progressing rapidly in recent years in the Consumer Electronics Show Beyond the framework of the automobile manufacturers have large booths all the latest technology present in the presence of increasing. Last 4 days for CES to exhibitors approximately 4500 companies to count visitors and approximately 17 million were over.

In 2018,Toyota’s Akio Toyoda, President presentations,the mobility service of a dedicated EV with Autonomous drive technology that incorporates the”e-Palette Concept”presented. e-Palette Concept Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games car specifications, as of 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, including the steadily evolving still.

Sony is in the automotive industry astounded, the body size is length 4895mm,width 1900mm,height 1450mm of”VISION-S PROTOTYPE [vision・end・Prototype]”announced this morning. This body size, the Nissan Skyline [full length 4810mm,width 1820mm,height 1440mm]when compared with generally overall, but one size larger was the size and experience that.

Size in terms of the skyline and stand-out difference is the wheel base. Skyline it is 2850mm, whereas VISION-S PROTOTYPE’s wheelbase is 3000mm, too.

Wheelbase for long and was why the stability and livability to ensure you’re VISION-S CONCEPT developed for the EV platform for a sedan, SUV, MPV, etc, a variety of car types to development allowing high versatility of the interpretation of the days for it.

The driving method is around 200kW[272ps]motor, and 4 tires all driving AWD only.

The centerpiece is Sony’s boasts that the image・sensing [vehicle surrounding situation awareness technology] technology to arm your body to say. Flows back into the omnidirectional[360 degrees] to constantly monitor and avoid dangerous behavior as quickly as we do for”Safety Cocoon [safety corner] is referred to as”imaging・sensing system.

Sony is a vehicle developed for CMOS sensors [Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensor], such as a total of 33 sensors to the vehicle body so as to surround placed,OVAL[Oval]SENSING possible. The breakdown is IMX390×7 pieces, IMX456×5 pieces, Inner digital mirror camera×1 piece,ultrasonic sensor[Ultrasonicc]×12 pieces, radar×5 pieces, LiDAR x 3 pieces only.

Image sensor, ultrasonic sensor, riders such as specific characteristics for sensor groups of an omnidirectional[360 degrees] to constantly monitor a safe and precise driving, to support the future”to a specific location and all of the driving operation to be completely automated”to Level 4 or above,more advanced Autonomous driving technology aimed at.

The body design of the Sony design Department is that the Sony Design in the basic surface based on the partners abroad, with the cooperation of the world to the 1 car finished.

Already as a look to the current prototype stage,the safety standards of some regulations not fit for,to get the license plate can not. The future is Japan, and the United States,the European plate actually get on public roads traveling on new findings piled up,larger steps will be.

Collision safety is concerned, the countries of the collision safety test based on the scores we obtain are designed with. [Bottom] followed by[Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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