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Sony's “StartDash” web application for commercialization support is now compatible with smartphones! Recruitment of the second phase of the business idea contest also started at the same time

Sony has announced that it has released version 3.0 of its web application "StartDash", which will help you efficiently prepare for starting a new business. At the same time, we have begun recruiting the business idea contest "StartDash Idea Contest-2020 Spring Phase 2".

■ Compatible with smartphones and tablets, input and confirmation can be advanced anytime, anywhere

It can be operated from a smartphone or tablet, as well as a PC as before. Even busy people who have difficulty calm down and can't secure enough time can input information and check items using the time available during commuting or commuting. You can update your input whenever you come up with it, making it easier to organize your ideas.

■ Compatible with task and memo input functions

For the business idea under consideration so that it can be linked with the small issues that need to be considered later. It can be used to look back at the appropriate timing and take time to review and organize, and it can be used for preventing omissions and efficient progress. Also added a memo function to each item. By recording your thoughts and the history of the discussion, you can easily grasp the details even when you look back later.

In addition, we have started recruiting “StartDash Idea Contest-2020 Spring Phase 2”. Through the Sony Startup Acceleration Program [SSAP], which supports the creation and operation of startups, the company is looking for a completely online business idea contest that can be entered using the "business concept" that can be easily created using StartDash. ing. The application period is from February 3, 2020 [Monday] 14:00 to March 4, 2020 [Wednesday] 12:00.




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