Sony”VISION-S”concept EV financial technology is associated technology in the business model is not

The financial origin of the managers,as”money and”business models and the mistaken way. “Money lending business”from,”some of the services [products]”provides a business of IT products,”of gold and”of the accompanying management technology. This reversal, this from Sony also a mistake to repeat that.

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Corporate consolidation process is going on, it only effect on the Bank’s financial products like business only. Currently being done in the automotive industry reorganization, the business model conversion with the required huge development costs of the division to aim for, it is a development competition that was decided is not. The bottom line is,”what do you develop?” So.

In this respect, the Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi of 3 companies Union direction is not fixed. Honda is not fixed too. “Technology suppliers to buy from if you come back,”and, as debt concerns get rid can. The business model lost me. Financial technology is”associated technology”is that you become aware of that. Among them, Toyota’s move is clearly”the next business model to explore have”.

Well, Sony”VISION-S”to commercialization for the purpose of building was not, and really what is the purpose of it? It is Sony themselves have announced, so that”car, such as mobility in the field of new initiatives,and we will.”Thing.

That is, Sony have products to automotive, we want to use from the”VISION-S”by the experience so that you can see. Automobile manufacturing companies, Sony’s part to adopt such”suggestions”as well. For example, a spherical wrap around so that you can reproduce the”360 Reality Audio”to vehicle audio system and with proposing to.

Also, the General customers”the automobile of the new concept:for example, the auto function of the continuous updating OTA[Over The Air], such as”to”VISION-S”at the new market creation promote. The market of the aim,the automaker has a new feature adopting eyeing that caused that. This is a long-term”market creation”at the suggestion of the you would.

Why, Sony is directly to the automotive production and embark on a supplier that judgment we have Like Tesla EV car production to embark by this morning. Tesla than Sony just could not say no choice to look is—[Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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