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Soon 2 years! Let's meet friends who call for good luck in the New Year! Hitachi City Kamine Zoo × Kemono Friends 2020 New Year Collaboration Held


“Kamine Zoo” operated by Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, will hold a New Year collaboration project with the popular project “Kemono Friends” from January 2 [Thu] to February 11 [Tue] .

■ If you meet friends with good luck, you will be relieved for two years

Not only cute but many friends who are said to be "good fortune" are actually many. As we celebrate the first New Year's New Year, it is a special project that allows visitors to enjoy the “zoo first” while viewing the legends that call for the luck of these animals.

■ Plan Overview
Implementation date: January 2, 2020 [Thursday] to February 11, 2020 [Tuesday / Holiday] Location: Hitachi City Kamine Zoo [5-2-22 Miyatacho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture] Outline of Implementation: During the period, the animal commentary board of “Kemono Friends” collaboration, the sale of original collaboration Omikuji, and collaboration planning at the cafe will be held in the park. There will also be a collaboration photo spot where you can take photos with friends.

Hitachi City Kamine Zoo

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TV anime “Kemono Friends” Original Soundtrack
Tateyama Autumn
Victor Entertainment

Kemono Friends 3

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