Sotsukowa Retirement Statement "Someday will end" due to a healthy problem

Russia's Ital Tas news agency reported on the 8th that Maria Sotskova [20=Russia], who is eighth in the 18th Pyeongchang Olympics in figure skating girls, will retire.

Sotsukowa quoted on the Instagram that he updated this day, saying, "Unfortunately, everything will end someday." It states that he started to have health problems, thanks to others, and so on.

Sotsukowa is second only to Marin Honda in the 2016 World Junior Championships. From the 16th to 17th season, he turned to senior.

In the Pyeongchang Olympic season, at the Grand Prix [GP] Final in December 2017, he made a leap to second place, following Zagitowa [Russia]. The big stage, where Zagitowa and Medvejewa joined as "Olympics from Russia [OAR]", was behind in 12th place in the short program [SP], but did well in 8th place.

After the Olympics, other players in Japan had risen and missed the European Championships. A skater who fascinates fans with glamorous costumes and glamorous costumes has reached a turning point in his life.

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