Space on the alchemy mechanics, and infrared at the University of Tokyo Research

The University of Tokyo the 9th,on outer space of the heavy elements of the generating history will reveal that the infrared spectrum to gather information on successful and announced. It was discovered about a half for the first time in the world observed another.

【Here】That exists in the universe heavy elements to reveal the origins of the plan the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and nuclear fusion research from the start

■Space on the element generation history

The Big Bang, the evolution of the stars and the complex elements are generated by. Hydrogen and helium and other light elements the Big Bang at the time, which had been formed most of the elements, supernovae and other celestial phenomena generated by US.

The history of the universe in elements such as increased to know is,elements are synthesized in the phenomenon of frequency is revealed that you need. Emphasis is placed on”neutron capture elements called”heavy elements only. Neutron capture and nucleus becomes heavier,the neutron capture elements are synthesized and considered. Synthesis is possible for the celestial bodies in the neutron density is very high need.

This to meet the conditions of the environment, as in a neutron star Coalescence is considered. Some of the stars after supernova explosion and leave a neutron star in a binary star formation also exists. This neutron star of a binary star joining of these gold and Rees, etc. of the element are synthesized and the like.

Stellar chemical composition in the measurement of the spectrum of light that appear in absorption lines is important information. The only visible light spectrum of about is years of accumulation, the infrared spectrum with regard to information has not been established with.

■Contain errors conventional information

The University of Tokyo Research Group,atomic number of 29 or more elements by a certain wavelength range in the spectrum of the absorption lines was investigated. Stellar spectra,Kyoto Sangyo University Kamiyama Observatory installed in the near-infrared spectrometer was used. The results of the analysis,9 types of neutron capture elements produced by a total of 23 books of the absorption line of a successful.

We found absorption lines are from the theory the expected 108 this is far less than it turned out. This is the current absorption line in the list error is often suggest that that. We found absorption lines of about half of the world for the first time in the observational present was confirmed.

This confirmed the absorption line, the chemical composition in the measurement of leverage possible. The research group, according to the neutron capture elements neutron star coalescence as a relatively rare phenomenon, because gold or Earths and other heavy elements of how the universe grew from the search for indicators they’re.

Details of the study, the Astrophysical Journal Supplement on 9 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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