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SpaceX Crew Dragon is the first privately launched successful manned launch. Docking to the ISS is around 23:30 on 31st-Engadget Japan version

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SpaceX has successfully launched the Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying two NASA astronauts. This is the first time a commercial aerospace company has sent astronauts into space, and it has been the first manned space flight on a US rocket since 2011.
at firstCrew Dragon launch scheduled for May 27 (Japan time 28th)Was canceled due to bad weather and the possibility of a lightning strike on the rocket due to climatic conditions in the sky, and a new launch was set for May 30 (Japan time 31st).

And the second launch date that came. Although the forecast of the previous day was also showing thunderstorm, as the time approaches, the thick clouds will break off and peek into the clear sky.
SpaceX / YouTube

Three hours before the launch, the aviators departed from the waiting room with almost the same arrangement as on the 27th, spared a good farewell with the family with an air hug, then boarded the Tesla Model X and headed to the launch pad. In front of the launch pad, the two of us headed to Crew Dragon, waiting for the top of Falcon 9 in the elevator, playing with "Wow, that's big!"

SpaceX / YouTube

Then, at 3:22 pm (4:22 am in Japan), the Falcon 9 rocket, equipped with Crew Dragon on which Robert Benken and Doug Harley ride, was lifted off and steadily climbed to the sky. I've been there. Two minutes and 45 seconds after the lift-off, Falcon 9 separated the first-stage booster, and the booster successfully landed on the unmanned ship OCISLY awaiting at sea as usual.

SpaceX / YouTube

And another 10 minutes later, Crew Dragon separated the Falcon 9 rocket, and after that, it will orbit the earth and approach the ISS, which will be around 23:30 Japan time 31st.

By the way, JAXA's replenisher "Kotonotori" arrived at the ISS on May 25, and is waiting for the arrival of the Crew Dragon with the ISS crew.

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