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SpaceX Crew Dragon successfully docked to ISS. First private company spaceship to transport a US-made crew for the first time in 9 years-Engadget Japan

SpaceX / NASA

At 11:17 pm on May 31, Japan Time, SpaceX launched the Crew Dragon spacecraft with two astronauts on board, and successfully docked to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX says NASA's Commercial Crew Program, which outsources personnel to private companies, paves the way for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and deeper space in the future. The ISS camera captured the appearance of the Crew Dragon several hours before the scheduled docking time, and the appearance was live streamed to the ground. The appearance of the spaceship approaching in the background of the flowing clouds and topography of the earth looked like a scene from a movie.

SpaceX / YouTube

The Demo-2 mission combines environmental control, thruster control, temperature control, life support system, and docking system testing. SpaceX has successfully docked the ISS to the ISS by 20 times in the past, and although its control is almost automatic, at the moment of docking, until the vibration is transmitted to the camera image and the completion is known. , Probably people all over the world were watching closely.

After this, Crew Dragon and ISS will fill the docking area with air, open the hatch, and the crew will move to the ISS side.

Of the two astronauts on board the Crew Dragon this time, astronaut Doug Harley was one of the last crew members on the Space Shuttle. In the Atlantis STS-135 mission, Astronaut Harley once marked the beginning of a manned flight by a US-made spacecraft and raised that curtain nine years later. After the Crew Dragon successfully returned to the ground in the Demo-2 mission, the commercial transportation program started after that, and the first Crew-1 (USCV-1) mission together with three American astronauts in Japan. Astronaut Soichi Noguchi is supposed to board.

In addition to SpaceX, Boeing is preparing for personnel transfers to the ISS by US private companies.

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