SpaceX's satellite Internet "Starlink" announces the start of beta test, sign-up screen also appears on the official page

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SpaceX's satellite Internet "Starlink" announces the start of beta test, sign-up screen also appears on the official page

Launch of the first private manned spacecraft in collaboration with NASAsuccessSpaceX will provide internet services with about 12,000 artificial satellites.StarlinkWe are working on a project. Starlink announces the start of the beta test and adds a sign-up screen to the official website.


You could be a Starlink beta tester – BGR

SpaceX Starlink internet prepares for beta users | ZDNet

Starlink is a grand project to build an Internet connection environment in space by launching about 12,000 artificial satellites in a low orbit at an altitude of 1150 km in order to provide inexpensive and high-performance Internet to all parts of the earth. .. At the time of writing the article, the launch of 538 artificial satellites has been completed, and it is necessary for Internet communicationAS numberIt has been acquired.

SpaceX launches 60 new satellites for “Starlink'' that builds the Internet in space and is already ready to connect to the Internet-GIGAZINE

StarlinkOfficial siteHas appeared on the sign-up screen to receive the latest information from Starlink. The sign-up screen has fields for entering an email address, zip code, and country name.

Enter the information to register and click “SUBMIT”……

The registration completion screen is displayed.

An email will be sent from Starlink to the email address entered on the sign-up screen. According to the email, Starlink will start private beta testing in the second half of 2020 and then public beta testing in high latitude areas. If you enter the postal code on the sign-up screen, it seems that you will be notified by email when the area you entered is subject to the beta test.

ZDNet reporterSteven J. Vaughan-Nichols"By the end of summer or early fall of 2020, Starlink may be ready to provide the Internet to people living in the northern states of the United States," he said.

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