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Spaghetti Pancho, a Neapolitan specialty store operated by a B-grade gourmet research institute, starts selling tie-up commemorative limited toppings with "Theatrical version of delicious lunch Final Battle"

Spaghetti Pancho, a restaurant operated by the Class B Gourmet Research Institute, will provide a menu for the movie “ Theater Version Tasty Lunch Final Battle '' which will be released nationwide on March 6, 2020, and a special collaboration to commemorate this Sell ​​menu.

This is a limited time offer from February 17 to April 10 and offers "nostalgic menchikatsu" and "nostalgic white fried fish" [150 yen each excluding tax], which are not available on the regular menu. Also, if you save 3 stamps on the stamp card distributed during the period, you will receive an original clear file of "Theatrical version delicious lunch Final Battle", and there is also a privilege that one free topping is free.

■ Nostalgic Menchikatsu and Nostalgic Whitefish Fry

For a limited time from February 17 to April 10, the two toppings of “nostalgic menchikatsu” and “nostalgic white fish fry” are 150 yen each [excluding tax]. In addition to being offered as a single item, there are also sets that can be saved by ordering with meat sauce or Neapolitan.

This limited topping will be held at "Spaghetti Pancho" Shibuya Minami, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Kichijoji, Omiya, Okachimachi, Kashiwa and Chiba Sakae stores.

Theatrical version: delicious lunch Final Battle

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