Special specification "Eternal Touring" appeared at the end of production of the Lexus GS

Lexus will end production of the Grand Touring Sedan GS in August 2020. Along with this, the GS special specification car "Eternal Touring" was added.

The GS has been well received as a grand touring sedan that combines driving pleasure with a high-quality riding comfort for four generations since the first model was released in 1993. In Japan, with the opening of Lexus in 2005, sales started from the third generation. The current model, which had undergone a full model change in 2012, adopted the spindle grille, which is the design icon of today's Lexus for the first time, and pursued the joy of driving the car at will.

Driving over 1 million km on the Nürburgring and other roads around the world, we have achieved thoroughly trained driving performance. This model aims to provide new value not only in running performance, but also in areas of dynamic / static sensibility that cannot be measured by specifications.

The "Eternal Touring" of the special-purpose car is based on the GS450h / 350 / 300h / 300 "F SPORT" and adopts a number of items inherited from the "F", which is a symbol of Lexus' driving performance. The exterior features a black color scheme on the spindle grille, aluminum wheels, door mirrors and rear spoiler, and orange brake calipers on the GS450h and GS350 2WD "Eternal Touring".

The interior uses Alcantara® skin and carbon ornament panels that are popular in the GS F, and the door trim and meter hood have red stitches that match the black interior color. By arranging the epidermis, quality and sportiness are emphasized.

Mr. Tsuneharu Sato, who is the representative of Lexus International, said, "The 4th generation GS is based on the master driver Akio Toyoda's strong desire to create a Lexus run that we really enjoy and deliver to our customers." It was born, and as a model that opened up a new chapter for Lexus, it also contributed significantly to the transformation of car making. The name of the specially-designed car "Eternal Touring" is thankful to the patronage of customers for 27 years globally. With the hope that even after the production of the GS, Lexus will continue to maintain the commitment to grand touring that it has created, Lexus will continue to provide the fun and joy that cars bring. In order to continue, we will strive for continuous evolution. "

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