Spicy! For a limited time, I tried to eat "Ebitama"

New subway menu7 items of extraordinary shrimp tama"Eat it!

I tried “ extraordinary shrimp ''!

What is your favorite food? When asked, answer "Shrimp and melon" without hesitation. Kako (@kaako_AB)is.

This time, the sandwich chain "Subway" has been appearing on March 187 items of extraordinary shrimp tama"Eat it!好 き Shrimp lovers are also satisfied with shrimp quality!

"Seven Shrimp Shrimp"

・ Shrimp (black tiger)
・ Eggs
·green pepper

The default source is “Spicy Chitose Tres sauce”. If you are not good at it, you can change to another source.

Olives are black in this photo. You can add it for free.

And notable is this shrimp !!!

The shrimp of "excellent shrimp tama" is not "shrimp" that is usually used in the subway, but "flak tie car" is used.

As you can see, it's red, big, and plump!

Then, it is exciting!

Hmm, Chipotle sauce is spicy! The spiciness of the lips is getting hotter and it is spicy. Curry is dry or hot like Korean ramen. On the contrary, the eggs are sweet and mellow. It is interesting that the taste changes depending on where you eat.

Of course shrimp is pre-priced! And the point of this sand is bacon!た び Every time you chew, the smell of smoked bacon will pass through your nose.

You can eat plenty of fresh vegetables of crunchy and hearty!

Even if you like shrimp, convincing shrimp-quality “extra shrimp tama” is available for a limited time!味 Because the taste is only for now, if you are interested,

Store: Subway
Menu: 7 items of prawns
Price: 490 yen + tax
Official site:7 items of superb shrimp tama│subway sandwich

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