Spike Chunsoft delivers smartphone version of Danganronpa's first work–10th anniversary

Spike Chunsoft is a game app for smartphonesDanganronpa School of hope and high school student of despair Anniversary EditionWe started the delivery on May 21st. The supported OS is iOS and Android, and the price is 1960 yen [tax included].

“Dangan Ronpa: School of Hope and High School of Despair” is a high-speed detective action game released in 2010 as the first work in the “Dangan Ronpa” series. The UI is completely new in this work. In addition to making it possible to play comfortably with touch operations, it is said that it has added a gallery function that allows you to browse in-game illustrations and setting materials, intimate event scenes, voices and facial expressions of characters at any time.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd6kR4SxXb4 [/ embed]
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