Splash mayonnaise on Seven-only “ Peyang Soba Meat Rice Ball '' with cheese and try to rentin, it's a super horse!!

“Peyang” is, of course, a cup of food or fried noodles. In addition to selling various types of products, using the taste of that sauce as a weapon,SnacksAndFrozen pizzaHas been sold up to. Did you know the other day, a product co-developed with Seven-Eleven appeared in the Payang family?Buckwheat rice ball[129 yen including tax].

Speaking of buckwheatFrozen food in collaboration with Maruha NichiroWas highly evaluated, but even if his buddy was seven and the shape was diapered, it would have been determined to be good. this time,Arrangement that raised the horse further two stagesI want to introduce!

・ Easy to eat as it is!

Let me tell you first.You can eat this as it is. I'm good enough!商品 It is a very satisfying product without any modification. How delicious the rice that tasted the flavor of Peyang's sauce!

Maybe you can be more satisfied than eating your own peyang?次第 I just thought so. Therefore, if you are eating for the first time, you want to eat this rice ball with “sushi” first.

Satisfaction is satisfactory, but could it bring out more hidden potential? When you add that and that, you'll definitely get horses!

・ Mayo + cheese

These are mayonnaise and cheese. I came up"Mayorchipe Young Soba Meat Rice Ball"Let's explain how to make.

First, warm the rice ball in a microwave. It is better to keep the temperature slightly warmer than the cold one, and it is less likely that the temperature will be uneven when the cheese is placed and warmed. It's enough to warm it for a few tens of seconds.

When warm, sprinkle with mayonnaise. Squeeze the desired amount onto the rice ball. It is reed even if it is squeezed as it is or if it is spread evenly with a reed or spoon.

Put the melted sliced ​​cheese on top.

Let's return to the range again and heat it. At this time, I want to be carefulSoft wrap. The cheese sticks when you apply it, so cover it softly. Then, while watching the range, let's take out the cheese as it melts.

Completion ~!

You could sprinkle powdered parsley from above to improve the color. Ants can also crumble and shake croutons to add a crispy texture.

・ It can evolve even more deliciously

When I try to eat it, the junk flavored rice ball is more junky!ソ ー ス The rich taste is even more intense, and the sauce x mayonnaise x cheese can't be mixed up, making it worse.

This arrangement can be mega-evolved into something more sinful. It is also good to plunge into the oven toaster and add browning. It is also a good idea to soak in broth or other soup and make it into a Western-style tea pickle.

Anyway, Peyang Soba Meat Rice is highly versatile, so it would be a good idea to arrange it in various ways.

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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