Sports Agency Secretary Suzuki continues to support athletes even after discontinuing use of NTC

Sports Agency Secretary-General Daichi Suzuki, 53, met in Tokyo on August 8 following a government emergency declaration.

At a conference where reporters were held at intervals of about 2 meters in a large auditorium instead of the usual conference room, he explained emergency sports-related economic measures regarding the new corona measures. On the 7th, the supplementary budget for FY2008 will provide support for resuming sports events [about 900 million yen] and air conditioning at the National Sports Science Center [about 200 million yen], for a total of 2 billion yen.

In addition, after the suspension of the use of the National Training Center [NTC] in Kita-ku, Tokyo, the base for strengthening top athletes aiming for the Olympics and Paralympics, "It will have an effect on athletes, but first, I want to think about life and health. " Based on his experience as an athlete, he said, "I understand players' anxiety, but now it is time for Japanese and international athletes to work together to converge."

He also stated that support for athletes would continue even if the NTC was discontinued. "We will continue to support medical, nutrition, and conditioning via the web and telephone." Regarding athletes who mainly train at home, running outside, the Prime Minister Abe said on the previous day that “ walking and jogging are OK '' If it's an environment, I don't think it's a problem. "

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