Sports saloon with KKK turbocharger KK BMW 2002 TURBO 2

A sports saloon that was unique in its rugged personality that boasted overwhelming speed
Experience gained in the racing activities of 2002tik. Or as a commercial model that was produced and announced in 1972 and feedback the experience of the concept car “ BMW Turbo '' which is said to be the origin of the later M1, the 2002 Turbo which is now called a historic masterpiece was created is there.

The engine is a modified version based on the inline 4-cylinder SOHC, 1990cc unit for the tii, which was the highest performance version of the 2002 series. The compression ratio was reduced to 6.9: 1, and a combination of mechanical fuel injection from Shepher and a turbocharger from KKK produced 170ps of power and 24.5kg-m of torque. In addition, the cooling system has been strengthened to cope with power ups and the increase in the amount of heat specific to turbo. On the other hand, the transmission was the same as the standard 2002, with a 4-speed MT as standard, and the 5-speed was optional, but both were cross-ratio and the final was also faster.

も ち ろ ん Of course, the suspension of the chassis has been further strengthened, and the front has been ventilated while the brakes follow the front and rear drums, and the diameter of the rear drum has also been increased. In addition, wheels and tires have been significantly widened. In order to clear the widening, the front and rear fenders are fitted with riveted FRP over fenders [only Japanese models are made of sheet metal and integrated steel].

2002The 2002 Turbo, which was born in this way, achieved an overwhelming performance as a 2L-class saloon at the time, with the highest speed of 211km / h and acceleration of 0-400m for 15.3 seconds. However, at that time, high-performance vehicles were entering the global winter era, and production was discontinued at the end of 1974. The production was only 1672 units [and there are other theories], making it a tragic masterpiece.

Although not visible in the picture, the KKK turbocharger is hidden beneath the intake manifold. Only the cast manifold connected to the intake chamber is "turbo".

The ABC pedals that grow from the floor are common to all 2002 series. Once you get used to it, it's surprisingly easy to handle.

The overfender of the home country specification is made of riveted FRP.

At the time when low and elegant real sports cars became very popular, sports saloons, which had a distinctive character with a strong personality, were actually one of the most important in the history of automobiles.

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