St. Mark's advanced chocolate black "Damando Chocokuro" is more appreciated

Who is it!誰 Who is the bakery café “Saint Marc Cafe” who says he's down?

Certainly, the "chocolate boom" used to calm down and haven't been as glamorous as Starbucks. But for that reason, it's too wasteful to miss out on a chance to meet that menu!上位 Upward compatibility of chocolate“ Damando chocolate black ''I think it would be good to be evaluated more.

・ Advanced chocolate black "Damando chocolate black"

"Damand Chocolate" by Saint Marc, an advanced chocolate. Topped with "Claim Damand [almond cream]" and sliced ​​almond on chocolate black. Damand is French for "almond."

Speaking of chocolate black, it features bitter chocolate that jumps out with croissant dough and trolleys. Even if the delicious chocolate is turned into a damand…

Treviaaaaaaa!Happiness has come.

The baked almond cream is as crispy as the dough on a melon bun, and at the same time moist as Madeleine! When its gentle sweetness and elegant texture are combined with chocolate black, there is nothing more than equine.

・ The price was secretly reduced

A revolution has occurred in the last few years for such Damund chocolate. About three years ago, it was sold for 250 yen each, but as of January 2020, the price is 200 yen per piece.

Now that prices and consumption taxes have risen, it's a good idea to be able to get 50 yen cheaper just by itself!

So, people who once ate chocolate crocodile in the chocolate boom, and those who have never had a connection with the image of "damand chocolate is expensive", want to eat now.

I want to be evaluated more, Damand Chocolate.

However, according to the store, "the base chocolate must be cooled down firmly." Since it is baked from there, it seems that the timing and the number of offers at the store will vary depending on the day. If you want to meet them for sure, ask them at a store near you.

Report:Sawai Meg

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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