Stapler Max for the multifaceted face

Stapler paper in an attempt to stop the”children”with 空音. The needle is not. On the way home I also had forgotten. Sunday 7: ago. “Convenience from your”I think,to the outskirts of the festival. There was. Type case 154 yen.

【Here】Casio is,”in this room 4 Brothers”The Breath of has been passed down to

The house on the way back to the thought. “Max products stapler&needles from not know. The only of the listed companies sign to carry that would not”and. Paper stapling it, what have the company investigated.

The main division is”office business:Staples Center stationery,””Kiko products:air tools, charging tools, concrete tools [for concrete nailing machines]””housing environment equipment business:bathroom, heating ventilation dryer and floor heating system etc””AF business:agri・food industries and the cohesion of the equipment[packaging machines]”,”auto stapler business:digital prints coordinating equipment”.

And currently, the”twin tag”with the concrete structure for the tool/rebar tying machine [rebar tying instantly do manual work compared to much of the efficiency], the analysts and the Fund Manager’s interest is high.

7 month 29 days of the 1st quarter, and analysts etc., for consolidated results presentation conference call, the 10 Questions is emitted is of them 7, the reinforcing bar binding machine relates that it was remarkable. The company is”North America’s growth rate is remarkable. For the European market the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, and net sales exceeded the same period of the previous year was”and so the answer returns to.

Against this backdrop, profitability also performed well. Before the 3 month period of”2.9% year on year,16.5%of sales, an increase of 8.8%of final earnings,2 the dividend by ¥ 44 yen arranged”for the current fiscal year also,”3.2% year on year, 4.2% of sales an increase of 3.7%, the final increase”plan stood up, but mid term at the time of disclosure in the sales of the 0. 5% and reduced the”operating income 10. 5% increase[79 billion yen],net 6. 6% increase[5.4 billion yen]”and the stock market like a surprise provide. Incidentally, this creation of market value[JPY 2000 yen entrance] in the past 3 years of stock price performance+60% close reaching.

Can max various all,the most interesting of the”stapler”to the resolution of the story was. For example, the following condition should.

★Japan’s first stapler was dealing in office furniture, such as known in the current size. Meiji 36 years [1903 years], US-made products to be sold.

★Max first domestically produced mini stapler it began selling in 1952 [Showa 27 years]. Since a cumulative total of 5 million units than sells.

★Staples of the proposer and to the[absolute basis, indicating materials, etc.], the Benjamin・B・stapler Mr.[in 1826―1886 years]. “Barreled rotary cannon”, etc., known in the United States of firearms designers. Machine gun bullet feed tip, the stapler of the design・was developed and used.

★Stapler, a bundle of paper, a needle or recycled paper and can.

World known companies, find out how to do various face-to-face ones. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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