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Would you like to have a refreshing drink when it's so hot every day? A lemon-based carbonated drink or a sports drink with a low sweetness. This summer, it seems that there will be more choices for "drinking achi."

We reported here that Starbucks' new chilled cup "Summer rare cheesecake" 200 yen (excluding tax) released on June 16 was a refreshing drink perfect for early summer, completely different from the sweet and sweet taste imaged from the name. I will!

I fell in love with a pretty package

What a refreshing design! The lid has a stylish color reminiscent of Tiffany Blue, and the cups are painted with lemons here and there, increasing expectations for the contents. I would like to have a dress with this image.

This is the one a fashionable girl has… If you call this cup with one hand, it may look like 30% more.

The writer immediately puts it into practice.

Isn't it great to smell the sables?

Speaking of rarech, it's common to have a thick cheese on top of a biscuit dough. I am surprised that the product this time, and the sable flavor of the product, are well reproduced.

When I actually opened the lid and sniffed, there was already a complete reach. Unexpectedly, I saw a pure white liquid. You wouldn't think this was a drink if you were blindfolded. It's as if you're sniffing a rare hole up close.

The lemon scent is also refreshing, and it tastes so good that it makes you want to bite it. Once again, it's a drink.

I want to cool it down and keep it cool

In the fat world, people often say that "curry is a drink," but in the summer of 2020, I learned that Reachi was also a drink. I came across a rare refreshing drink that doesn't betray the refreshing design of the cup.

It was so refreshing to drink, I expected for a moment that the face of the author might have been refreshing, but it was normal driving.

I also laugh that the aftertaste is completely biscuit-flavored. The sweetness is also modest. Since it does not have a rich cheese feel, please imagine a fairly simple type of leech. You can drink all at once with lemon magic. There are times when you just add "Summer" to the name!

Starbucks is an image of coffee, but since it is not included in this product, people who are not good at it can enjoy it.

I left only 80 ml

The taste was so complete as a rachi, so I wanted to try it as a cake. Dissolve the gelatin and arrange it in a simple way.

Dissolve gelatin in a drink heated in a heat-resistant container and cool it in the refrigerator.

Insanely good scent! We have created a time-saving reach with a gentle taste. After all, if you make it solid, it will have less impact than when you drink it, so if you try with blueberry sauce this is ◎.

You can drink and eat, and you can enjoy delicious food twice.

When you want something sweet at work, the quickest way to get it is with sweets. The "Summer rare cheesecake" introduced this time was a perfect dish at such times. It tasted good for tired bodies, so it's recommended for refreshing during hot weather. Whether you are a fashionable girl, a refreshing handsome guy, or a person who does not correspond at all, by all means nationwideconvenience storePlease look for it.

menu:Starbucks Summer rare cheesecake
Price: 200 yen (excluding tax)
Official site:☆Summer rare cheesecake|Starbucks® chilled cup☆

(Sentence/Photograph ☆3suke☆)

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