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The season of Starbucks' spring classic “ SAKURA '' begins this year!

Starbucks Bakery “Princi” Spring Menu Appears

From Italian bakery "Princh" operated by Starbucks, from Friday, February 7Sakura motifDesserts, pastries, and salads will be pre-released at Furinch Daikanyama T-SITE.

From February 15 (Saturday), Princh's spring menu will also be available at Starpacks Resource® Roastery Tokyo and at Starpacks Resource® Store Ginza Maronie-dori.

Maritozzo Sakura

"Maritozzo Sakura" is a place where you can enjoy the taste of cherry blossoms in Italy.

Inside the crust is a layer of Casta カ Cream, Strawberry Sauce, Ichiko Mousse, and Sakura Fresh Cream in order. The sweetness and subtle sourness of Sakura and the fragrance of Sakura blend together to create a refreshing, spring-like flavor. The accents are made with salted cherry pickles, so that you can enjoy the cherry blossoms. You can enjoy the shoe skin by stacking the cookie dough and baking it.

Price: ¥ 540 (excluding tax)

Mini Panetone Sakura

The Italian traditional fermented sweet Penettone. The mini-pinetone sakura flavor “mini-pinetone sakura” made easy to eat is now available.

Sakura, peach, and Ichiko are stacked in the dough to express the delicate and gorgeous flavor of Sakura. In the case of eat-in, it will be served with the scent of black tea or mascarpone mascarpone tea. The mascarpone and the flavor of the cherry blossoms overlap, and you can enjoy the flavor of the cherry blossoms even more in the mouth or in the mouth.

Price: ¥ 680 (excluding tax)

Cornetti Sakura

"Freque Fast" is a "Cornetti Sakura" that combines a crisp texture even in a pastry or a comfortable Cornetti and "Sakura".

Sprinkle with plenty of cherry blossoms on the top of Cornetti, and it is a gorgeous finish that looks like "sakura" or blooming in full bloom.

Price: ¥ 380 (excluding tax)

Hi ゙ anketti & Sakura

"Hyanketti & Sakura" is a colorful Sarata that feels the coming of spring with "Sakura".

The combination of salted cherry, shirasu, rape blossoms, and spring ingredients in Henne is the perfect choice for lunchtime meals. Known as a vegetable that feels spring, it has a pleasant bittersweet rape blossom and moderately salty and umami shirasu, garlic pepper oil and salt, pepper and stir-fried to give an appetite and an increasing flavor.

Price: ¥ 880 (excluding tax)

Torta Mimosa II

Mimosa, which is also a brand name, is very popular in Europe as a flower that tells spring. March 8 is celebrated as “Festa Terra Tonna” (Women's Day), and it is customary in Italy to give a bouquet of yellow mimosa from a man to a woman with daily thanks to a woman. Gorgeous yellow mimosa cakes are preferred.

"Tolutamimosa" is made with plenty of yellow sponge (crumb) on the surface to reproduce the fluffy fluffy feeling of the yellow mimosa flower. Phone and histachikuri
I made a cake with a scent of rum and Ichiko and Ras Heli, a topped with Etiful flowers (edible flowers), a light taste and a feeling of spring.

■ Sale date: Pre-sale at Furinch Daikanyama T-SITE from Friday, February 7, 2020
※ List price is body price (excluding tax)
※ From February 15, 2020 (Saturday), we will also be selling at Starbucks Resource® Roastery Tokyo and Starbucks Resource® Store Ginza Maronie Street.
※The image is an image

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