Start of discussion on energy-saving standards = Direction by the end of the year, recognizing the request for consideration of business operators to compile in January, 90% of the orderers intend to have high performance

Discussions have begun on energy conservation measures for buildings such as residential construction and housing stock.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism held a joint meeting of the Building Subcommittee of the Social Infrastructure Development Council, the Building Environment Subcommittee, and the Building Standards System Subcommittee to discuss energy conservation measures and the ideal building standard system.

While aiming to realize carbon neutrality in 2050 as a country, the basic plan for living and living clearly states that measures for housing and buildings will be strengthened. We will promote concrete measures by making it mandatory to comply with energy saving standards by 2013, gradually raising energy saving standards by 2018, and introducing solar power generation equipment to about 60% of newly built detached houses. ..

The ministry introduced that more than 90% of home orderers have an intention to build a building that meets the standards, and that the industry is demanding measures that will not be disadvantageous to small and medium-sized construction companies. He also called for discussions on the need for energy-saving measures for existing stock and measures to promote the use of renewable energy.

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